Buy Something That Will Make You Feel Amazing!
It is of the utmost importance that the lingerie you buy makes YOU feel amazing. Why? Keep on reading and you will know why?
It might come as a surprise to you, but most men do not like lingerie as much as women think they do. Don't get us wrong. They do like to see women wearing lingerie. But what attracts them is not the lingerie per se. It is the fact that the woman looks sexy. 

For a guy, a woman looks very sexy when they like what they wear but as long it goes with their attitude and behavior. If a man feels that the woman herself feels sexy, feels great, is looking forward to what's coming, he will be excited and aroused. 

This is so true that it is to the point that a man will be turned on by a woman wearing jeans and an unbuttoned white shirt. Or a woman wearing one of his own shirts with bottom underwear only or with a pair of simple cotton undies. Most of the guys prefer simple things. 

If you buy sexy lingerie only to turn him on, you have it all backward. If the emphasis is on the clothing and you are trying to impress him with what you are wearing, most men will feel exactly that: that you are trying to impress him or excite him with a piece of clothing. For most of them, it is you that they are excited about, what is underneath the lingerie. Having them to focus on the lingerie is in fact distracting them from you!!!

What do you do then?

Wearing beautiful lingerie is about claiming your confidence that you are a desirable woman. Buy sexy lingerie that makes YOU feel sexy, amazing. The feeling of sexy confidence is what you are looking for. The sexy lingerie that makes you feel and show confidence will be the one that will turn him on, not the too sexy one...
¨Only Buy Things That Make You Feel Amazing. ¨

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