Capsule Wardrobe How To For women
A little more details
Here is how to do it.
1 Outerwear
        2 bottoms

Total 6 items

Choose colors that all goes together and you will get yourself 
12 outfits.

Top A  + Bottom a
Top B + Bottom b
Top A + Bottom A + Outerwear
Top A + Bottom B + Outerwear

Top B + Bottom a
Top B + Bottom b
Top B + Bottom A + Outerwear
Top B + Bottom B + Outerwear

Top C + Bottom a
Top C + Bottom b
Top C + Bottom a + Outerwear
Top C + Bottom b + Outerwear
Here is an example of just one item can give you five outfits
Here is another example
Now The Magic
If you are very careful,
you make sure to chose the 3 colors you prefer
that goes well together
here are the number of outfits:

6 pieces that goes well together: 6 to 12 possible outfits
12 pieces that goes well together: 48 to 72 possible outfits
18 pieces that goes well together: 162-216 possible outfit.
Isn't it amazing?
There are so many possibilities that it will be impossible for you
to know them all unless
you make a list, a table on paper
or your own catalog of pictures!
Here is the video that you might have skipped on the previous page:
14 pieces to create 107 outfits!

Do you know someone who could be happy about this ...
Start now with a first item,
a top if you don't know where to start.
Try to chose them with style.
Know that from now on you will
favor buying clothes that you will combine.
It will allow you to get more out of your purchase.
It will allow you to buy better quality.
"Fashions fade, style is eternal. " —Yves Saint Laurent
Take the time now to learn
to shop this new way.
One Luxury Piece At a Time.
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