Top Fashion Show Trends from Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion Week 2017 was one hell of an extravaganza. These were some of the hottest trends from the Paris Fashion Week 2017. These trends were chic, fresh, and something unique from the previous years. Many fashion designers are making feminism the central inspiration and building collection themes around this

The Advantages of Attending a Fashion Show

Everyone should at least be attending a fashion show once. You might find a new trend you would like to try out, meet someone that is life-changing, or even realized your newfound love of fashion. For some people a great time means having a party. Others just like being themselves.

Some Tips for a School Fashion Show

To do a stunning school fashion show, choose a theme. Participants and spectators will relate to a story or a theme. It can be a season, literature, music, etc. Think about lightning to make it looks professional. Authorize some spontaneity: it will be less predictable and will keep the attendees

How To Track Find A Fashion Show To Attend

If you want to find a fashion show, there is the Internet and print local media. It is worth to go to a national fashion show if you have the time and money. Otherwise, check your local malls. They have plenty of these shows. Sometimes it even is rehearsals of