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You love online shopping...
but wish you could try on before you buy.
Try, Keep or Return ™
Prime Wardrobe gives you the convenience of online shopping
with the in-store perks of a dressing room.
How it works
  •  Browse the prime wardrobe approved designers *
  •  You select at least 3 items up to 8.
  •  A charge of $1 is apply to verify your credit card validity.
  •  Amazon will send your Prime Wardrobe box directly to your door.
  •  Once received, you have 7 calendar days to try on your items.
  •  Simply send back whatever you don't want to keep.
  •  Prime Wardrobe shipping and returns is included as part of your Prime Membership.
  •  You don't have Prime: 30-day Free Trial
  • Student? Join Prime Student 6-month trial.
  • You only pay for what you keep.
  •  The 30-day Amazon return policy still applies.
* Items approved have the mention ¨Prime Wardrobe¨ right under the price.
Like Amazon's in-house brands, Lilly Pulitzer, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Guess,
Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Fossil, Lacoste, Hugo Boss,
Stride Rite, Disney, Puma, Crazy 8, New Balance, Stuart Weitzman,
Rebecca Taylor, J Brand, A|X Armani Exchange, and many more.

Shopping of All Approved Prime Wardrobe are regrouped here
What are customers saying about Prime Wardrobe?

"It was so easy to order shoes for my kids and keep what worked and return the rest.
Much easier than going shopping (with them)!"

"I could see how things look with the different shoes and other accessories
I already have. Love it!!!"

"I never find time to go into stores to try clothes on.
This is hassle free!"

¨I don't have to hear knocking on the door at dressing room
and hearing - Are you ok there Ma'am? ¨

¨One of the reason I like this is that
I can shop for myself, my kids, my husband and ... myself :) ¨

¨This is a good opportunity to try some dresses that
I would never ever try on ¨

¨You can try something from the men's department
without anybody judging you! ¨

Browse Prime Wardrobe Now For Your Greatest Pleasure :)
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