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¨Only buy things that make you feel amazing! ¨ ™
Fashion is essential to express ourselves and makes each of us unique.
¨Only buy things that make you feel amazing! ¨ ™
Follow the principle of the Capsule wardrobe and you will be able to afford more quality clothes. A garment that suits you, you will wear it:
¨Only buy things that make you feel amazing! ¨ ™
You know that you will not wear clothing that you like less. So you save money when you pay for quality.

The choice is now so vast.
There are more and more of the best brands.
If you subscribe to Prime, you will not even have to pay shipping costs with every purchase. (Prime offers you other benefits too.)

When you create your wardrobe, follow the principles of the Capsule wardrobe. You will be able to add luxury clothes here and there that will make all the difference.
One Luxury Piece At A Time. ™
Capsule wardrobe

Would you like to buy more quality without spending more?

Susie Faux in the 1970s, a London boutique owner, created the phrase "Capsule Wardrobe" or "Garde-Robe Capsule". Basically, it's a well-thought-out wardrobe, composed of color coordinated base elements of about 30 pieces. The wardrobe is adjusted to the fashion of the moment with a couple of seasonal items.

The goal is to save time, money and space. With intelligence, it gives you a solid base to complete your style with some very remarkable fashion items.
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